Florida SR-22 Insurance

Florida SR-22 Insurance

  • Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate, otherwise known as SR-22 insurance, is a type of motor vehicle liability insurance. iPex Insurance can provide you with an affordable SR-22 insurance document that will certify that an individual has the minimum liability insurance as required by law. We also automatically notify the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle (FLHSMV) when an SR-22 is cancelled, terminated, or lapses.
  • If you have lost driving privileges or your license has been suspended or revoked as the result of a car crash, conviction or judgment, you are required to file an SR-22 with the FLHSMV and maintain coverage for three years starting from the date of the conviction. An insurance card or policy will not be accepted in place of an SR-22. For more details, call any of our 100+ locations across Texas today.
  • Your personal property can also be covered away from the premises while on vacation.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Drivers Get An SR-22?

Drivers request an SR-22 certificate for numerous reasons; however, most often it's to help ensure the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles that you have the basic insurance coverage as required by law. Some of the most common reasons this is requested of drivers by the state are:

  • Failure to show proof of auto insurance
  • An at-fault accident while driving without insurance
  • Repeat traffic offenses or too many tickets in a short time period
  • A revoked or suspended license

Florida FR-44 Insurance

Quick Facts about FR-44 Insurance in Florida
  • To reinstate your license after a DUI, your insurance company must file an FR44 certificate with the DMV.
  • An FR44 verifies that you will have minimum liability insurance with 100/300/50 limits for the next three years.
  • Your personal property can also be covered away from the premises while on vacation.

FR44 Insurance Cost

The cost of FR44 insurance is determined by your state’s minimum liability requirements. The FR44 insurance minimum in Florida& is $100,000 for injury to one person, $300,000 for injury to two or more people, and $50,000 for property damage.

Florida DUI Laws & Penalties

It is unlawful for a person to drive in Florida with a BAC of .08 or higher. Penalties for a DUI in Florida may include jail time, fines, license suspension, and an alcohol education class.

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